Jump, jump. Just kidding.

Jump jump just kidding

You will be a slave to my bidding.

Hear as I softly and ever so sweetly

Convince you to sign this dark treaty.


It’s only a bit of fun.

How would you do it though?



Jump, jump. Just kidding.

You’ll never find me, I’m hidden

Deep in the darkest and deepest recesses

Of pits where your dark self obsesses.


You’re thinking about it now;

Tell me what you would do,



Jump, jump! Just kidding.

See how you blinked and I slipped in?

To poison your thoughts that held wonder and light

With my darkness and all of my might.


I can tell that you’re tempted.

Don’t worry a bit, your sins;



Jump! JUMP! Just kidding.

Forever I’ll haunt you unbidden.

The ghost of yourself and your sad life you’ve wasted:

I’ll rot all the joy that you’ve tasted.


The time’s nearly here;

Free yourself quickly, liberate




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