An aberration dances behind these eyes;

These feelings felt that swarm like flies.

Full of fear you’ll figure out my lies;

And see the truth behind this guise.


Though see the truth you seem to do,

And make me feel a lighter blue.

My meandering mind seems to flow more true,

And rests at ease when alone with you.


My dark medusa turns stone to flesh

And fills this shell with life afresh.

Light is nurtured in your private creche;

Mined from darkness that you thresh.


So chip away at this core so grey,

And hold the dark inside at bay.

Bring forth this light with each new day

And together our demons, we will slay.


Demons dared

To face our challenge.

Fallen to grace;

Light, chased

To the maw of the void,

Perfectly poised.


My dark medusa whom I’ll never own;

Her gaze turns just one thing to stone.

She bathes in her sin, free from guilt;

A flower of fury that can never wilt.

Love is fleeting and love is free,

So I’ll take it all till she’s done with me.


I’ve never felt an urge so strong

Than this desperate desire to pull down her thong

With teeth that nibble to deliver her wishes;

Her body a canvas to be painted with kisses.

At my flesh she will tear as I pull down her hair

Till I beg her to lie back then lick her with flair.


Time will tell us whether love is a spark,

Or something that lingers to stave off the dark.

I’ll take either, just to bathe in her shadow;

Me a mere moth, drawn to her black glow.

Continue for now while she blesses my life,

Without any delusions of turning her wife.


Pierce through pain:

Two stars united;

Distant points separated –

Vast expanse of time

And space;

Wormhole wanderers.


What is this feeling that’s shiny and new?

Folding inside of me, turning to glue,

To hold fast emotions found only in song;

This power of love that can never be wrong.


Storms of fire and lightning and magic

Would never appear for a love that was tragic;

For only in stories could this have been found,

But as queen of my heart has this marvel been crowned.


What wonders the birth of this Venus gives rise;

A goddess whose eyes can crumble the skies.

Crumble the earth, down to us lucky two;

Be melded in passion in a world gone askew.


Light of the ancients that brought down this vision:

Humbly I submit; I’ll make pleasing my mission.

Down on my knees I will worship her form

And fear for the day should I kindle her scorn.


A love that echoes through the chambers of time;

I will scream it at mountains I endeavour to climb.

Scaled only to get just a taste of her home,

And return her to heaven but be left all alone.


A chorus of angels sings as she breathes:

‘This is the goddess he needs to appease!’

Submitting my will to fulfil her desires,

I would burn down this world just to show her the fires.


Planets collide to form a love supernova,

That warms up my soul as her brightness takes over.

My black hole is met with infallible light,

Blinding and bright I will I offer my sight;

If only to touch her for just one more night.

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