No Homo

Sexuality for the masses:

Free to be whatever will be,

But never in front of me.

Shame! Should you wander

From the path of the past;

Boys loving boys

Until they’re harassed.


How can we define

The true depth of feeling

That powers our lust?

When it’s safer, easier

To hold hands with another;

Opposite, normal,

Never a brother.


Like floating dust in my eye,

Always visible and always there

Yet never seen directly.

Peripheral prejudice;

Squint and you’ll see:

Our vision is poisoned,

We are not free.


The past is a prison,

Guarded by angels

Who won’t abide change.

Instead point to scripture

Of fires and rape;

Justified eternal,

Hell: no escape.


Internal struggle a battle,

That should be a handshake:

Two halves of a person;

One welcomed,

One rejected.

Love conquers all,

Until it’s neglected.


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