I’m a solar powered battery;

Recharged and refreshed by the light of the sun.

Piercing light that shatters darkness;

Drawing out shadows held dormant by frost.

Shadows whose arms reach out,

Grasping and stretching to welcome me back

To darker thoughts.


Stare into the sun

To make myself sneeze:

Expelling my demons;

Bless me.


Should have been born a plant:

Spend every day at rest in the warm healing light,

Free from all thoughts that sadden;

Like the weight of my wallet or how death can be sudden.

Instead live life rooted

To a nourishing earth that embraces my care,

Unpunished by time.


Stare into the sun

And watch it go black.

Hiding behind darkness;



Wicked winter winds remembered;

A cold embrace that coils to caress me,

A suit of apathetic armour

To protect against the chills and bleak

Midwinter misery,

The sun’s meant to melt you and mend me;

Permafrost padding.


Stare into the sun

In hopes it’ll fix me.

Burn tortures away;



Often however the sun is found lacking;

It’s weakness unable, or maybe unwilling

To chase the icy blues away.

Cleansing fire burning to evaporate frozen worries;

But stubborn, they refuse:

Instead left with nothing but an empty shell, encrusted

With their toxic residue.


Stare into the sun

And beg for some more

As clouds they bring grey;

Battery low.


If only I could perch myself

At the top of a hill where I can plant some roots;

Look down on the humans

As they fight over genders and skin tones and wealth.

Spread out my arms

As they sprout forth great leaves, divine

Intervention, saved.


Stare into the dark

And wish for some rays,

But it’s dark at my cubicle;

Dark all day.

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