For the Few

Begging for votes, appeal to the masses,

Pocket the profits when your private bill passes.

Raise up your pay, lower your taxes;

Paint us with hate so we’ve plenty of patsies.


Rubbing lies together to make fake truths;

Typical politicians.


Each new day a scandal; oh how they lie!

While thousands of souls are abandoned to die.

Sorry you’re starving, but we will deny,

Or simply pretend that we’re going to try.


Tomorrow’s news is always worse anyway.

Typical politicians, again and again.


We all know the truth; they lie through their teeth.

Yet still we pretend to hold onto belief

That offers some solace, some mild relief;

Instead we should tear them down, scream at them: ‘THIEF!’


Replace them with new ones who promise us change.

Typical politicians, so the cycle continues.


Cut us with taxes, then watch as we bleed;

Ignore all our cries as we scream out in need.

Cut off our breathing, with the hand that you feed

To pick from our pockets and appease all your greed.


Pit man against woman against black against gay,

How we love and embrace these sick games that you play.

Typical politicians.


Declaring your wars, just to drain them of oil;

Spend billions on weapons while the innocent toil.

Make sure they’re left barren; blood poisons the soil;

Wonder why they fight back? For their country, they’re loyal.


This bank of freedoms we’ve held so dear;

Withdraw from it daily till the balance is clear.

Typical politicians, robbing us blind.


A system so fixed, all it can be is broken,

For where liars reside only lies can be spoken.

Swallow their pill, and the poison it’s soaked in;

While they pray to their money that we’ll never be woken.


Sleep well sweet subjects in those suburbs you can’t afford;

It’ll all soon be mine; your money, my hoard.

Typical politicians, we’re coming for you next.


Guy Fawkes had it right, his intentions were pure;

To clear out that building and turn them back to manure.

But when will we see it, and find out the cure

Was to end this charade and remove the allure.


Join us today; the free benefits are immense.

Leave all the peasant’s to live homeless in tents.

I’m a typical politician, and serve only my own ends.

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