Can you see it?

This hamster wheel we call modern living.

Every day the same, as every week as every year;

Stuck in our routines, ever paralysed by fear.


Can you feel it?

This swelling of misery that we call stability.

Waking up each day as we sacrifice all time;

The ways we feel better; vilified, crime.


Can you taste it?

This delicious conformity that drains us of will;

They make wages so low to keep us repressed

Then pump us with pills when we’re all depressed.


Can you smell it?

This stench that rises from the depths of the earth.

Polluted and poisoned by the powers that be;

Death and destruction crawls out of the sea.


Can you hear it?

This swan song for our hopes and dreams.

We were promised the future, a better way,

Instead to corporate gods we’re prey.


Can you embrace it?

This system filled with lies and greed,

Where chances abound to rob from the masses

And fill up your pockets while your sad life just passes.


Can you change it?

This world that demands we display perfection.

Beamed to our friends, our followers, disciples;

Worship at the altar of my twisted principles.


Can you stop it?

This ugliness brewing behind a wall paper thin.

I’ll take a selfie in my Sunday best

That serves to hide my explosive vest.


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