I am man

I am man and I’ll never change my mind;

I am man, and I’ll never have to.


I am man, and your body belongs to me.

Tell me your ‘no’s’ while I pull out my hose,

As I grasp and grab for your attention.

The more that you struggle

The stronger I feel, the harder I get.

Don’t you dare even think to fight.

I am man, and your body’s my right.


I am man, and I’ll follow you as I please.

Slow down your pace so I can gaze at your face.

Why so glum? You’d be prettier smiling.

Smile for me now and make me feel good,

Then show me those goodies you have under the hood.

Let go of your keys, don’t be so rude,

I am man, and I’m in the mood.


I am man, and I am better.

Know your place, and know your worth;

It’s all decided by your genitals at birth.

Smaller brains means smaller wages

But I’d pay nothing, have you in cages.

Sick to death of your monthly rages,

I am man, and I’ve waited ages.


I am man, and you all belong to me.

Had enough of being rejected,

By ugly sluts who think they’re it.

These dirty cunts leave me dejected,

I’ll take what’s mine, you piece of shit.

Don’t ever dare to dream of discord;

I am man, and you will fall to my sword.


I am man, and I’m immune.

Look at my perfect skin, I am ghost:

The law seeks not me when you need it to most.

Who’ll they believe in a country so free?

I’ll poison your well and burn down your tree

To leave you with nothing and no one but me.

I am man, and you are nothing without me.

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