Your Hero

The truth sets you free, I’ll lie through my teeth;

I’m nothing but honest, when honest’s not grief.

This mask that I wear over a mask of my care,

That tells you don’t worry, inside I’m there.


But darkness sleeps so deep within me,

The thoughts that flicker through when lonely.

Held at bay by busy work,

Or TV shows that serve as church.


I have nothing left to offer,

This world that works to make me suffer.

Sometimes I think the only thing,

That stops me falling, fallen king,

Is this mask, this viper’s sting.


Sting it will, and sting it must,

For traitors we must hold your trust.

Never cracking, never seen,

This hero’s who I’ve always been.


It’s warm embrace that strokes my pride,

My barricade’s built and behind I’ll hide.

Your words of love and warmth and care,

Mean little through my icy stare.


Is it lazy that I cling to,

Excuses killers probably sing to.

Like how no one can care so much,

For those who’d wear me like a crutch.


Never have we seen such troubles,

Broadcast constant to our bubbles.

I’ll block it out in my dark pavilion,

And care for one, not seven billion.

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