No Gods Dwell Here

No gods dwell here, just deep held fear.

A barren bony land which carrion circle above;

Dropping waste upon us, but with their love.

Our form of flesh and guts and He;

That moves at will, but never free.


No gods dwell within, is this our sin?

Blessed with neon light so bright;

Led like moths to this rapturous sight.

Shepherded away from the plight of our fight,

To be bound as slaves by the might of their right.


No gods we declare, will that make life fair?

To guide the way, towards salvation;

To lead the blind, into damnation.

Sale, it screams; this liars’ pyre.

This beacon belies what we truly desire.


The new gods arrive, with joy, we’re alive!

Suckle, hard, from this bountiful bosom;

Those below, their lives we’ll just use them.

There’s plenty for all, if your pockets are deep,

You’ll keep 1%, don’t be silly, don’t weep.

Can’t pay? Never fear; just borrow some, here.


Our new gods bring hope, a green paper pope.

Can you feel His embrace?

As you try to keep pace;

As you wish on the stars

To buy fancy cars,

And 10 million tonnes

Of plastic and guns.

How we envy your lives,

Televised trophy wives.


The old gods are dead, there’s money instead.

First world problems, on vulgar display,

Worship our wealth and sit down, prey.

So fix your gaze upon this station,

Behold your weekly congregation.

The time is nigh, there is no nation;

Join us for your conflagration.

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