This human skin hides stone within.

Drifting through this life so darkly,

Malaise of mind that pierces sharply.

I’ve come this far in spite of walls

That smash like waves, great stony squalls,

Against my current to make this life

Just bearable, or free from strife.


This darkness forms inside so slowly

Until its swallowed up me wholly.

That creeping crawling itch within,

Dormant ‘til you cannot win.

Force it down and paint a smile;

It’s easy when it’s done with style.


This hole inside that can’t be filled

Would leave if I could just be killed.

Though thoughts that fuel this bad behaviour;

Chasing risks like my dark saviour,

Don’t pair inside with this selfish core

That prevents me opening that ghostly door.


With each new day the desire departs,

For healing hollow hopeless hearts.

To mend this damaged empty shell

And find out where these monsters dwell;

The ones that whisper oh so softly

Words that weigh me down so awfully.


The pain that’s felt inside this mind

Has no solution I can find,

Short of burning down this place,

Or moving out to outer space.

This piercing poison called society,

Does nothing for my sham sobriety.


So I’ll get drunk and high and low,

And forget the things I think I know.

For what else can we do but numb

The knowledge that you’re worth a crumb?

Crumbs together we’d make bread,

But we kill ourselves instead.


It’s hard to make some sense of this;

A life that’s wasted, free from bliss.

Why do we even try to join

This system based on how much coin,

That from our masters we can carve,

Who’ll tell us if we’ll eat or starve?


I just can’t seem to find a way

To make this fucking life okay.

Up against this torrential force,

Drowning out my voice so hoarse.

I only want a life lived easy,

Why does that make our masters queasy?


Why can’t we just have the chance,

To change your greedy selfish stance?

Raining death down from your chair;

Push that button, you don’t care.

Keep us down, its set in stone,

Who else will polish your golden throne?


I will strive and I’ll survive,

Not question why I am alive!

Against this molten frozen tide,

Where do I find the strength to bide?

I’ll twist this frown and grin like a clown,

Then bury this emptiness all the way down.


Deep underneath till it’s hidden away;

A blanket of lies to keep it at bay.

For what else can we do but struggle

Through all the shit that we must juggle?

I’ll just have to do my best,

To make it through this life, this test;

Til there’s no highs, no warm place to lay;

Then I’ll throw off these chains, and turn back to clay.

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