Courting Evil

That fateful day that gave my name;

Born into the devil’s game.

A twisted darkness held within;

Selfish, evil, bathed in sin.


This mask conceals all pain and strife;

The twisted thoughts that lead this life.

To only see my world as clear,

When free from feeling this fleeting fear.


The devil waits and sits and stirs,

Watching below for what must be hers.

My soul my ghost my holy divine,

Darkened, blackened, no longer mine.


A steady chant she yells and knells,

To bring this monster that must be hell’s.

‘From above below you’ll come’

The devil she’d manically hum.


Deep inside I feel it rumble,

Somethings stirs, I fall, I fumble.

With vicious force it rips inside,

Insides outside, cannot hide.


Hold my hand and bear my trembles,

As this pit below assembles.

Not too tight, you don’t belong,

You thought me noble, you were wrong.


Suddenly the world trembles,

A barren wasteland it resembles.

Down and down this demon falls,

Through these twisted bloody halls.


Through the malice through the hate,

Through a broken pearly gate.

Onwards more into her lair,

Her judgement, just, it must be fair.


Welcome to your final rest,

You’ve failed this life-long secret test.

On your knees and beg to me,

You worthless worm, she crowed with glee.


Save me now from what I wonder;

My soul is dead, it’s gone, asunder.

Pray for me in this desolate place,

That kills me daily but leaves no trace.

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