It’s hard not to pontificate,

While trying to articulate

The burning black despair,

That life just isn’t fair.


Is this what’s known as fate?

To feel this deep a hate,

For something someone else controls.

Alas, rejoice! There’s avocado rolls.


Days spent furiously dreaming,

Of a wallet fat and gleaming.

Trapped into what we’re worth,

By the simple act of birth;

Inside my mind is screaming.


Gods who dwell in their concrete hell;

How dare you, deny us what we’re due.

If only we could agree on what we refuse to see,

Like vultures we could strip them to the bone.

You can keep your fucking loan.


You ask for our all, that we should strive,

On a minimum wage that can’t keep us alive.

Say we’re ungrateful, not to make a fuss;

Yours let you buy the world and rent it to us.

No I don’t need your antiquated advice,

You had it better, we’re paying the price.


Treat us like we’re lazy, or hiding from reality,

Damn right I’m fucking lazy, where’s our money tree?

You cut it down and stripped it clean;

You burned the stump and salted the land,

Then wonder why we’re all so green?

Should we build our castles out of sand?


We beg for change and want to play,

You refuse it, want things to stay.

Progress is your mortal enemy;

You abhor it like it’s heresy.

We push against your subjugation,

Your bigotry, your lies, your greed,

Your broken fucking nation.


If only we could all agree, the villain

Hidden, we should see.

Until that day, we’ll find our way;

We’ll slowly break your ancient rules

Making us hate each other like fools.

How you must laugh, as we argue rights;

‘No women allowed’ in neon lights.

What must you think? I truly wonder,

While from each and every one of us you plunder.


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