3am Thoughts

Sometimes it seems
That the girl of my dreams,
Lies blissful and blurry beside me.

The smell of her hair,
The brown of her stare,
Burns brightly the blackness inside me.

Such terrible dark
Made light by her mark,
That swells and swallows me whole.

Is this my fate?
To find such a mate,
Who’s colour can copy the sun.

But how can I know,
And how can I grow?
What heights this new happiness holds?

Is this the day?
How can I say,
That the peak, the pinnacle, passed.

When each day improves,
My mad soul it soothes,
But I wonder why winning would lose.

To question such things,
With madness it rings.
But the mad make more magic than most.

So let us be mad,
Let’s fight down this sad.
Let’s swoon and swap fluids and roles.

Ignore it I say,
That voice held at bay.
And live life like life is okay.

Is this what we do?
Us lucky few.
Desperately demanding a new higher ground,
For a happiness that’s already been found.

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